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Our goal is to create a new breed of guitar magazine. Exclusively electronic, Pure Guitar will blend literate, in-depth journalism with the latest technological advancements available to online and mobile app users. We’ll bring you beautiful graphics, audio, video, and links to happenings in the wide, wonderful world of guitar.
From the Editors of Pure Guitar

Pure Guitar Magazine – Issue 1

[From the Pure Guitar Web Site]:

Without the space limitations of paper magazines, we can utilize online technology to deliver more substantial interviews, articles, lessons, and reviews.

For example, our Issue #1 cover story offers the entire 12,000-word Eric Johnson interview rather than the abbreviated version a print magazine would publish. We’ve made available the complete hour-plus audio, so you can experience the conversation in real time and hear the inflection in Eric’s voice as he speaks about inspiration, creativity, spirituality and music, and how to make a Stratocaster – and its owner – play at their very best. In exclusive videos, he demonstrates his favorite guitars.

In short, this ain’t your dad’s old magazine.


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