I Still Miss Gary Moore

It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years since Gary Moore passed away of a heart attack at the age of 58 during the early hours of February 6, 2011.

I first heard the news when Joe Bonamassa tweeted: Gary Moore, RIP.

Gary Moore 1952-2011

Gary was on holiday at the Kempinski Hotel in Estepona, Spain, with his girlfriend at the time. His death was confirmed by Thin Lizzy’s manager Adam Parsons. Tests later revealed that Moore had an excessive amount of alcohol in his system.

So much has been said about Gary Moore. He was without a doubt one of the all time blues guitar greats.

I applauded the 5-CD release of “Essential Montreux” as a pure masterclass of blues guitar in a previous review.

Shortly after Gary’s death, Joe Bonamassa perfected his cover version of “Midnight Blues” and began weaving it into his live performances. Many say this Joe’s version is better than the original – and while that is debatable, my preference is to simply sit back and enjoy a guitar virtuoso paying homage to one of his heroes.

I have watched this video dozens of times and still get lost in the music. So much so that I now prefer absorbing the emotion with my eyes closed and headphones on.

See for yourself as Joe Bonamassa plays tribute to Gary Moore:


Those of you who want to delve further into Gary’s memory, here is a link to Guitar Player Magazines last interview with Gary [CLICK HERE].

Gary Moore

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Gary Moore’s “Blues For Jimi” CD, DVD, Blu-ray to Release September 25th

Eagle Rock Entertainment announced the September 25th release of the Gary Moore CD, DVD and Blu-ray title “Blues For Jimi”.

Gary Moore – Blues for Jimi

This release captures a unique concert featuring Moore playing Jimi Hendrix tracks, including such classics as “Purple Haze,” “Foxy Lady,” “The Wind Cries Mary,” “Hey Joe,” “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” and many more.

Filmed at the London Hippodrome on October 25, 2007, it was part of the launch for the Jimi Hendrix “Live At Monterey” program.

At the end of the night, Gary was joined by Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox of the Jimi Hendrix Experience for three tracks.

The full line-up for this show was Gary Moore (guitar, vocals); Dave Bronze (bass); Darrin Mooney (drums) with Billy Cox (bass on tracks 9-11) and Mitch Mitchell (drums).

Both Gary Moore and Mitch Mitchell have passed since this concert took place, which makes the recording of this incredible night so special. Gary Moore was one of the finest British guitarists of all time and is one of the few players who could pay homage to Jimi Hendrix’s groundbreaking and truly distinctive guitar style. This is a stunning tribute from one master guitarist to another.

Gary Moore Art Prints!

Tom Noll and the Gary Moore "Belfast Blues" Print


Tom Noll
22236 W. Hillcrest Dr.
Waukesha, WI 53186 USA
cell 262-844-7499


Gary Moore – Guitar Face

Guitar Face: The act of making an unusual face while playing the guitar. The look typically resembles a look of pain, intense ecstasy, or sometimes even plain old gas.

Guitar face is a horribly disfiguring condition effecting tens of thousands of guitar players around the world.

Blues players (particularly electric blues players) seem to suffer the most horrendous effects.

The late Gary Moore was always good for a “face” or two… every time he played.

RIP Gary…

Gary Moore - Guitar Face

One Year Ago Today… RIP Gary Moore

One year ago today the guitar world lost the legendary Gary Moore when he passed away suddenly from a heart attack while on holiday.

He was only 58 years old.

He had an amazing talent and influenced for so many players.

Including me.

Here is one of my favorite Gary Moore videos:

Gary Moore “Name The Painting” Contest… And the Winner Is:

After receiving over 80 name suggestions, Tom Noll has selected the WINNING NAME in the Name The Gary Moore Painting Contest.

Here is the message I received from Tom:


A big THANK YOU to all of you and your heartfelt suggestions that came through while I was swinging the brush…bringing Gary to life on my canvas.

Wow…talk about making a naming task “tougher”. I’ve wrestled with a number of these great ideas along the way.

The original requests for a Gary Moore painting came from a few different clients of mine in the UK a couple of years ago. I was saddened to learn of his death in February and decided I’d waited too long already to paint him. I feel this portrayal of Gary just nailed his emotion and I thoroughly enjoyed creating it for his followers.

I’ve been a giant fan of his soaring blues, and when I saw this title for the painting, it just grabbed me and I felt it was fitting. It speaks instantly of his heritage, and I think Gary would be proud to hang on your wall with this tag.

Congrats to John O’Grady of Wrexham UK for the “Belfast Blues”. I’ll be shipping John’s print across the big pond this weekend, back to Gary’s homeland.

The 27″ x 19″ prints at that intro price of $217 are in the works and will start shipping this Saturday. For those of you who haven’t reserved one yet, contact me (tom@tomnoll.com) and I’ll arrange to get one coming your way too.

Thanks again.


"BELFAST BLUES", Painted by Tom Noll, Named by John O'Grady

Tom Noll
22236 W. Hillcrest Dr.
Waukesha, WI 53186 USA
cell 262-844-7499


The “Name the Gary Moore Painting” Contest ends TUESDAY!


Tom Noll just sent me the photo below along with a message that said:

“Well, it’s been said that a good artist knows when to quit, and I think I am there.”
-Tom Noll, December 11, 2011

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you GARY MOORE as painted by Tom Noll:

The Completed Gary Moore Painting alongside Artist Tom Noll

For those of you who are just stopping by for the first time, we have had a little contest going here at TheGuitarBuzz to give this painting a name. The name should be fitting of Gary Moore and exude the passion he played with as well as honor his extraordinary contribution to music.

The artist, Tom Noll, has offered a FREE 27″x19″ print of the original oil painting to the person who suggests the name that Tom chooses to use as the permanent name for this painting.

We will continue to accept entries through midnight, Tuesday, December 13th, Mountain Standard Time. On Wednesday, December 14th, Tom will announce the WINNER!



The winner will be contacted on Wednesday and the name of the print will be announced right here on TheGuitarBuzz.com!


Gary Moore: NAME THE PAINTING Contest!

Last week, I posted: Tom Noll Soon to Release Painting of the Late Gary Moore PLUS Live at Montreaux CD and DVD Give Away Contest!

The response has been fantastic with comments coming in from readers all around the globe who were influenced by Gary’s Music. And after all…what guitar player would not want to win a Gary Moore CD or DVD?

As a part of the CD/DVD giveaway contest, I updated everyone about my favorite artist Tom Noll and his latest project – a hand painted scene of Gary Moore playing guitar live.

Tom Noll painting Gary Moore (work in progress)

Well, Tom heard about the post and contacted me with an idea for a 2nd contest and a chance to WIN A FREE PRINT of his completed painting!

Here is the deal:

Tom has an idea in his head for a name of this painting but he would also like to open this up to Gary Moore’s fans and let them suggest a name to the painting!

The contest is simple, if Tom selects your suggestion as the final name for the painting, you will receive a FREE PRINT (Tom sells these for over $200.00+ on his web site). All I can say to that is WOW! THANK YOU TOM!

Over the past week, Tom and I have exchanged several emails about the Gary Moore project. Here are a few excerpts that will give you a greater understanding about Tom Noll, the artist.

I have had numerous requests over the last few years, mostly from my UK clients, as to when I was going to do a GM painting. When I recently watched a YouTube vid of him doing Jimi’s Red House, I realized that from that clip alone, I’d seen dozens of inspirational images that would be perfect for a painting.

After careful consideration, I have chosen an image from a concert in Austria, provided to me by Rene Huemer of Austria for the painted piece. The energy of my style and Gary’s expressiveness when performing are a perfect match. In addition to his euphoric look, I’m excited to paint the legendary Peter Greene GoldTop that he is doing his thing on. As I’m painting Gary, I’m reminded of all the people that he’s influenced, and I’m feeling an enormous obligation to capture the Gary we knew and loved, and bring forth his passion.

I’d like to extend to his fans, the opportunity to name this painting. I’m offering one of my signed limited edition prints to the person that gets my attention and nails it. It’s really exciting involving his passionate fans. I think that the name should speak of the late Gary’s passion, his energy and fury, his soulfulness, and/or his GoldTop. As a default, I probably would have named it “Rock In Peace”. Ultimately, from the suggestions provided, I’ll pick the name that will live with the painting for the future.

Fans can see the painting’s progression on my link, and they should realize that their suggestions are being mulled over by myself, the artist, as the painting is progressing. I’ll pick a name when the painting is completed. `The giclee prints will be 27″ x 19″ and will be released at an introductory price of $217, with $8 to ship within the US, and $12.50 for international. The proposed completion date is mid to late December. You can reserve your low number Gary Moore print by visiting my site and contacting me via email to get on the list. No money’s due until they are ready to ship.

I look forward to hearing from The Guitar Buzz followers on this exciting piece.
– Tom Noll




Also, keep checking back to TheGuitarBuzz.com for contest updates!

Note: In the case of duplicate submissions, the person who suggested the name first will have claim to that name. Also note, the winner will forfeit any and all rights to the name to Tom Noll if it is selected to be the winner.

*** UPDATE *** The Contest Ends on Tuesday! [CLICK HERE] For Details!!

Tom Noll Soon to Release Painting of the Late Gary Moore PLUS Live at Montreaux CD and DVD Give Away Contest!

Many of you know world-renowned artist Tom Noll from my previous posts.

It was 1 year ago today, 11/21/10 that I discovered Tom and wrote about his work here on TheGuitarBuzz.com.

Since that post, Tom and I have become good friends and I have a couple of his prints hanging in my office (Carlos Santana and Jeff Beck).

I check on Tom’s web site every so often and when I looked on Sunday I was amazed to learn that he has “the late Gary Moore” on his canvas and “in the works” right now. I always have been and always will be a fan of Gary Moore and will eternally regret that I never saw him play in person.

In honor of the “soon to be released” print, I am announcing a Gary Moore CD/DVD Giveaway contest right here on TheGuitarBuzz. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment to this post about Gary Moore.

I have 2 CDs and 1 DVD of “Gary Moore Live in Montreaux 2010″ that I will give away FREE to 3 winners via random drawing from the comments left to this post. The contest will end at 12:00noon MST on the day after Tom Noll notifies me that the Gary Moore print is ready to ship.

Gary Moore Live at Montreux 2010

After decades of monster guitar work on his own albums and with Thin Lizzy, Cozy Powell, Rod Argent, Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and others, Moore dug deep into blues before returning to rock in 2010.

Sadly, he died suddenly in early 2011; this 2010 Montreux set was his last filmed concert. He’s got energy to spare here, playing classics plus new songs: Over the Hills and Far Away; Blood of Emeralds; So Far Away/Empty Rooms; Military Man; Parisienne Walkways; Oh Wild One and more…

After years of blues explorations, this performance marked a return to hard-charging rock for Moore. In fact, the former Thin Lizzy guitarist was working on a new rock album at the time of his death.

Providing a hint of what might’ve been, Moore performed three brand new songs that night at Montreux – all of which are included here. “Days of Heroes” is a strident, stomping rocker with Moore belting a furious vocal. “Where Are You Now” leans into a slow, insistent beat.

“Live At Montreux 2010″ track listing:

01. Over The Hills And Far Away
02. Thunder Rising (not on CD)
03. Military Man
04. Days Of Heroes
05. Where Are You Now?
06. So Far Away / Empty Rooms
07. Oh Wild One
08. Blood Of Emeralds
09. Out In The Fields
10. Still Got The Blues (not on CD)
11. Walking By Myself
12. Johnny Boy
13. Parisienne Walkways

Bonus – Live At Montreux 1997:

14. One Good Reason (not on CD)
15. Oh Pretty Woman (not on CD)
16. Still Got The Blues (not on CD)
17. Walking By Myself (not on CD)


***** UPDATE *****

12/14/2011 – THE WINNERS ARE:

First Place: DVD – Ron Oliver

Second & Third Place: CD – Donna Cleary and Ricky Steamer

The Winners have been notified by eMail!

Thank you for entering the contest!!



More Tribute to Gary Moore

Gary Moore, 1952-2011

A few weeks back, I posted 2 video tributes from YouTube that were played live and in concert honoring the late Gary Moore.

One was from Eric Clapton and the other was from Joe Bonamassa. Both were stellar ovations of the blues legend.

Shortly after they were posted, a comment was added to each by user “Damian”. The comments were both very well stated and worthy of re-publishing for those who do not follow TheGuitarBuzz comments.

While I am sure that these comments were not intended to stir up a lot of heated controversy, they did included enough direct commentary to ruffle a few E-strings. Lets agree to take them in the spirit of how they were written…full of passion, emotion, sincerity and from the heart of a guitar player still struggling with the loss of Gary Moore. We all know that he was taken from us way too soon…

The first was in response to the Eric Clapton Tribute Video:

I suspect he played it acoustically because he couldn’t pay it justice electrically. I’m kinda pleased that at long last Clapton has acknowledged Gary, but it’s too little too late. It’s angered me for years that he never said a word about him when he was alive, never invited him on stage, (despite playing with every other blues player imaginable), never invited him to the Crossroads festival, and never even uttered his name in interview. He obviously had a problem with Gary, a man who only ever paid due reverance to Clapton, and constantly sang his praises and acknowedged his influence. Perhaps he felt Gary had “stolen his thunder” when “Still Got the blues” went stellar. Perhaps he felt Gary wasn’t “authentic” enough, as he’d been playing Rock for 2 decades. Perhaps he felt Gary had “humiliated” BB and the 2 Alberts by “blasting them off stage”, (despite the fact all three of them expressed their love for Gary’s playing). Perhaps he simply knew what we all did…that Gary was better than him at playing the style of blues he made famous. Whatever the reason, I’ll resent Clapton for the fact for the rest of my days, and this little tribute smacks to me of a guilty conscience. Gary would’ve been overjoyed had Clapton done this while he was alive. No point now!
– Comment by Damian, 6-11-11

The second was in response to the Joe Bonamassa Tribute Video:

So pleased that Joe did this. He has always acknowledged Gary as an influence and it was great to hear that they were beginning to forge a friendship, though they only had an opportunity to meet 2 or 3 times. Gary is my all time favourite, and Joe has become second in line in the last 5 years, so this really touches me, though it is obviously tinged with sadness and regret that we will never get to see the 2 of them share a stage together, which I feel sure would have happened at some point. How GREAT would that have been!?
– Comment by Damian, 6-11-11

The best way for me to end this post is to include yet another tribute video – this one from the legendary bass player Jack Bruce, joined by Joe Bonamassa.