Happy Birthday Billy Gibbons!

Billy GibbonsBilly F. Gibbons was born on December 16, 1949.

His nickname around here is: Reverend Billy G!

Billy is is best known as the lead guitarist for “ZZ Top”. Gibbons trademark guitars are his Gretsch “Billy-Bo” and his 1959 Gibson Les Paul known as “Pearly Gates”, although it is common to see Billy step on stage with something quite exotic.

He is also known for his custom cars and love for Mexican cuisine. It is widely known that Billy has used a Mexican Peso coin as a guitar pick.

One of my favorite Billy Gibbons quotes is: “This place won’t be here tomorrow, so let’s tear it down tonight!”. Another is: ““Same three guys, right here. Same three chords right here. And we’ve been doing this for 35 years.”

Happy Birthday Billy!

Billy Gibbons Print

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The Billy Gibbons Painting Has Been Named!

Another successful “Name the Painting” contest with Billy Gibbons on the canvas!


Rev Billy G...Lowdown, Painted by Tom Noll, Named by Jeff Aden

The painting is finished and named…

“Rev Billy G…Lowdown”

So there it is… short, simple, and direct. I think Billy would bow down to it!

This name was an early suggestion that hit me, and stuck. There were sooo many good ideas for this contest, it makes me want to do a Billy series! Thanks to everybody for all the inspiration along the way!!

The winner of the free print is Jeff Aden of Rockford, Illinois with that early single entry, “Lowdown”. He could have stopped there. The simplicity of that name said it all!

A print will be shipping his way approximately March 5th. Thanks Jeff!

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Thanks again… and feel free to pass this along to all your lowdown friends!


To see how “Rev Billy G…Lowdown” came to life, click on this link to visit Tom’s web site: http://www.creativeboneartworks.com/paintingsRevBillyG.htm

Muddy Waters and Billy Gibbons


All prints ordered and pre-paid before Feb. 25th will be eligible for the drawing for Tom’s personal 8×10 B&W glossy print of Muddy Waters & Billy shown to the left.

This B&W photo is a great reminder of Billy’s blues roots, and will look great displayed alongside your “Rev Billy G…Lowdown” print!

Note from GuitarDaddy to Tom Noll: What a wild ride this was! Your artistic talent is only matched by the enthusiasm and creativity of GuitarBuzz readers. Over 260+ names! Amazing! You are probably going to take a short break (well deserved) but PLEASE come back to us when you are inspired to paint another guitar player on canvas. Thank you again for providing a wonderful experience that we all enjoyed! I can’t wait to receive my print! -GuitarDaddy.

VIDEO INTRODUCTION by Tom Noll: Click to watch the “Rev Billy G…Lowdown” Movie Clip
(download time dependent on your connection speed)

Guitar Photo of the Week

Limited Run - Gretsch Billy Bo White Penguin

In case you are new here…we have this little contest going on…that’s not so little anymore!

It’s all about Billy Gibbons and Tom Noll’s masterpiece painting. CLICK HERE to read about the contest and enter to win a free print.

So in honor of Billy Gibbons, this weeks Guitar Photo of the Week is an amazing shot of the very limited, very rare (only 16 were made) Gretsch Limited Run Billy-Bo White Penguin.

If you are G.A.S.ing about this guitar, there is one for sale on eBay right now…

How The Reverend Billy F Gibbons gets his TONE

The ToneQuest Report - Billy Gibbons

It’s all about TONE.

Want to know more about ZZ Top’s Billy F Gibbons and how he creates one of the most unique tones in Blues/Rock?

Check out “The ToneQuest Report.

Click this link to read a free issue that includes a 10 page interview from 2002 where Billy describes the secrets behind his search for the ultimate tone.

The interviewer starts with this introduction:

“Welcome, Señors and Señoritas. We resume our exploration into the mysterious realm of tone, and this month our journey begins midway between Houston and San Antonio in a little town called La Grange. You know how that story goes… The creepin’ shuffle boogie intro to “La Grange” exploded into one of the most unique and recognizable guitar tones on the planet, compliments of Billy F. Gibbons and that Little ol’ Band from Texas. You gotta hand it to the Rev… with just one note stroked from Pearly Gates, there is no absolutely no doubt who’s in charge, and that’s a high wire act matched by a mere handful of players in the long and colorful history of the guitar.”

Subscribe to The Tonequest Report by CLICKING HERE.

So how did Billy start defining his tone? As I learned from the report, it started when he found the guitar that ultimately became knows as “Pearly Gates”. Check out the story…”

…a friend called and said he knew a farmer with an original Les Paul. He kept it under his bed and rarely played it. At that time I was driving an old 1930s Packard automobile, and I gave it to a girlfriend so she could get out to California to audition for a part in a movie. She made it and got the part, and swiftly sold the Packard and sent a check to me. I remember the day her letter arrived, and immediately struck out toward the farmer’s place and said, “How ‘bout $250 for that guitar?” He said, “Fine,” and that’s Pearly Gates.
– Billy F. Gibbons, The ToneQuest Report, 2002

Even though that interview was from 2002, not much has changed for “The Reverend”.

Here is a link to a recent video from Premier Guitar where Billy’s tech, Elwood Francis, runs through Bill’s live rig. This is 17 minutes of pure heaven for tone searchers… enjoy!

…and remember what Billy says: “You gotta have the TONE!”

Billy Gibbons Follow Up…

Here is a follow up to yesterdays post…

I made it to ZZ Top & Aerosmith last night in Phoenix. Forget that the temperature was 113 degrees, the concert was outside, and bottled water was selling for $4.00… this was one HOT concert!

First, Aerosmith was amazing. In fact, Aerosmith was the first band I ever saw perform live. They played at a small club called “The Agora” in Cleveland Ohio back in the 70’s. You could barely fit 100 people in there… and I was one of them. That was then, and this is now. Aerosmith is a major draw today packing the largest venues to the max. Like 20,000 max at the Cricket Pavilion Amphitheater.

Steven Tyler rocked…but for my money…Billy Gibbons is the legend I wanted to see. He did not disappoint. He owned the stage!

I am still amazed that 3 people can generate the sound that ZZ Top creates. The main reason? Reverend Willie G!

One last tribute to one of the all-time greats of lead guitar… Billy G — give us a blues lesson!

Aerosmith & ZZ Top…

Billy Gibbons comes to Phoenix tonight… along with Dusty Hill, Frank Beard, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford and me…GuitarDaddy. OK… I will be in the crowd, not on stage. Should be a ripping concert from the Aerosmith / ZZ Top tour.

In honor of the evening, here is a killer video of Billy playing slide on “Just Got Paid”.