The Rory Gallagher Painting Gets a Name!

Well folks, it’s time to bring the contest to a close! Early this morning, I received an email from artist Tom Noll with the announcement of the winner to our “Name the Rory Gallagher Painting” contest. Here is it:

“A big Thanks to all the Rory fans around the globe that have helped provide inspiration for this painting. Again, I was faced with so many possibilities with over 100 people showing up.”

“Back in April of 1973, I took my then-to-be-wife to her first live concert at a little basement club in Milwaukee, WI, USA. Rory Gallagher tore the roof off the place, and I was hooked. His pureness, and raw energy captured me, and I held those qualities close as I now embarked on bringing him to life on my canvas. When this name submission came in, it brought a giant smile to my face, with the confirmation that I was on the right track.”

“Congrats to Mary Cull of London for naming my piece…”Pure, Raw, Rory”, it simply says it all! Thanks Mary!!!”


PURE, RAW, RORY – Painted by Tom Noll, Named by Mary Cull

A complimentary print will be headed across the pond to Mary for this tribute.

The limited edition of 250 prints is in progress and slated for shipping this coming week, well in time for Christmas.

“Thanks to all of you for believing in me, and thanks to those who pre-ordered their art prints.”

“As of this posting, low number prints are still available at the introductory price of $239. Contact me at and I’ll hook you up!”

“I hope to add you to the growing list of Rory owners.”

“Pure, Raw, Rory”…I think he’d agree!



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