The Buddy Guy Painting has been Named!

"Delta Inspiration", a portrait of Buddy Guy, painted by Tom Noll, named by Bryan Schwab!


The moment we have all been waiting for…

The announcement of the WINNER of the “Name the Buddy Guy Painting Contest”.

After 80+ entries (many with multiple name suggestions), giving artist Tom Noll over 100+ suggestions to pick from, a truly fitting name has been selected.

Late last night, I received this email from Tom with a message to everyone who participated in the contest suggesting a name for the painting:

“Thank you once again for the inspirational journey we embarked upon. While the paint was wet, your title suggestions came in, reinforcing how much Buddy and his music means to you, and what moves you. While there were many creative bends in the road, names reflecting how Buddy has inspired and influenced us, one name stopped me in my tracks and the lights came on as to the deeper meaning of what Buddy is all about, and HIS inspiration.”

“Delta Inspiration” is the name appropriate for my creation!”

“Congrats to Bryan Schwab from Oil City, Pennsylvania. He will be receiving one of the first prints produced from the limited edition run.
After choosing this title, I looked up Bryan on-line, and realized why he may have had an inside scoop on what makes Buddy’s motor run…I hope you agree.”

“I’m super happy with the painting and will be shipping prints Jan. 20th. To get in on the early editions, please email me at and I’ll hook you up via a paypal invoice (you don’t need an account)…for some real Delta Inspiration!”

“And, I’ve decided that all orders from this promotion will also receive a signed inkjet of the original oil painting sketch.”

– Tom Noll, Artist and owner of Creative Bone Artworks

Tom included a link in his email to this YouTube video… and here is your winner!

Hey Bryan! You know how to name paintings and you know how to play the blues!


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