Name the BUDDY GUY Painting Contest! Win a FREE Print!

After the overwhelming response to the “Name The Gary Moore Painting” Contest, international artist and owner of Creative Bone ArtWorks, Tom Noll, propped up his easel an went to work on his next guitar-player masterpiece.

Buddy Guy, Born in 1936 is a Grammy winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. He’s a chief guitar influence to rock titans like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and a pioneer of Chicago’s fabled West Side sound, a living link to that city’s halcyon days of electric blues.

Buddy left Louisiana in 1957 for a life in Chicago, and as a young guitar player, grew up under the tutelage of Blues greats Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson…etc, etc.

Today in Chicago, he owns “Buddy Guy’s Legends” who’s stage has been graced by some of the world’s most talented musicians and has built a reputation as the nation’s premier blues club. Just a few examples of the talent that has graced the stage are Willie Dixon, Albert Collins, Bo Diddley, Van Morrison, The Rolling Stones, The Black Crowes, David Bowie, ZZ Top, Junior Wells, Slash, John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Greg Allman, Clapton, Otis Rush, Pete Townsend, The Pointer Sisters, and quite often…Buddy himself.

Guy, a living legend has firmly cemented a blues legacy that places him squarely in the company of his heroes who came before.

Tom Noll's Sketch of Buddy Guy

This is a “sketch” that Tom made from a photograph taken by “Dr. Jazz”, Ueli Frey, who captured Buddy Guy on film at the 2008 Montreux Jazz Festival.

Ueli lives in Switzerland and has worked as a press photographer since the 1970’s. Along the way he’s had the opportunity to attend hundreds of concerts. He now uses his website to make many of the photographs accessible for the many fans to enjoy. You should definitely check it out!

Tom estimates that the Buddy Guy painting will take another few weeks to come together (progress shots will be posted), with prints of the original oil painting then available to the public in late January.

Tom Noll bringing Buddy Guy to Life on Canvas

The artprints are super high quality giclees, which utilize fade resistant UV archival inks. They’re produced from the original oil painting, and are rolled and shipped in a rigid tube along with a certificate of authenticity. The prints are perfect for matting and framing, and will be a memorable addition to any room.

Take a look at the “Creative Bone ArtWorks” Official Web Site and browse Tom’s extensive gallery of “Art That Rocks” which includes many guitar players like Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck, Muddy Waters, Keith Richards, David Gilmour, B.B. King, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Les Paul, Johnny Cash, and of course…Gary Moore. There you will find information about pricing, sizes and other info on Tom’s creative artwork.

GuitarDaddy Tip: You can Pre-Order a Buddy Guy print by contacting Tom directly. Pre-ordering will allow you to reserve a low-numbered print and to receive your print much faster.

In addition, for GuitarBuzz readers, Tom is offering a “BONUS Hand-Signed Inkjet Print” of the original sketch of the painting, along with the final print, to the first 10 pre-orders!

“This painting captures Buddy in a classic pose of him tearing it up on stage at the 2008 Montreux Jazz fest, soaring on his famed Honey Blond Strat. I’m capturing that moment when his relentless energy causes you to hold your breath for that towering note that rips your head off. I’m counting on some great inspirational thoughts from you to bring this thing full circle” Thanks…Tom


Tom’s Promise: If you are the winner of the contest and you also pre-ordered a print, your money will be refunded! So go ahead and CONTACT TOM at to pre-order now!


“I loved the Gary Moore Contest! Let’s do it again with Buddy Guy!”
– Tom Noll, owner of Creative Bone Artworks

Also, keep checking back to for contest updates!

Note: In the case of duplicate submissions, the person who suggested the name first will have claim to that name. Also note, the winner will forfeit any and all rights to the name to Tom Noll if it is selected to be the winner.


  1. says

    Oh Yeah!! I just wanted to say how excited I am to once again be in touch with the fans…the people that I’m touching with my artwork.
    Its inspiring to hear from you while involved with the process of creating the painting. I look forward to all your names and comments!

  2. Andrew says

    Hey Tom, here’s a few thoughts…
    Sweet Home Chicago
    Bring it on Home, Buddy
    This Guy’s Got the Blues
    Buddy Guy…Damn Right!
    Buddy’s Sweet Tea
    Blues Man Buddy
    Just Hitting Those Sweet Notes
    Livin’ the Blues
    Chicago’s Electric Buddy Guy
    Feelin’ the Blues with Buddy
    Blues Man Buddy
    Smokin Buddy Guy
    Buddy’s Got the Blues

  3. Susan Bemi says

    I hale from the same place as Buddy so, I know other name(s).
    ” Chicago’s West Side Guy”
    ” Best West Side Guy”
    “West Side Guy”
    Believe me, he’s one of the best talents to ever come out of the West Side.
    Chitown Suze’

  4. Dennis Krieger says

    Chicago Guitar Guy
    Chicago’s Guy
    Buddy’s Guy

    Dennis Krieger

    This is also another Masterpiece from Tom

  5. Rick Varble says

    Hi Tom, Great Work on all your pieces! I was just wondering,are you going to be @the NAMM Show
    in Anaheim this January? If you are ,will you exhibit your work?
    My suggestion:
    “music of light”
    Best Regards,
    Rick Varble

  6. Gunar says

    My Blond Honey
    Blond Honey
    Honey Blond
    Smoken Strings
    Smoken Fingers
    I guess you would need to google that some other musician hasn’t used some of these…

  7. Gary Allison says

    To a truely remarkable blues legend that is Buddy Guy.

    He is sure a great blues pioneer and when I listen to him play I always say to myself he is “Buddy Marvellous” and that expresses to me the awesome talent and feeling the man has.

    Gary Allison

  8. Dennis Krieger says


    I have seen him several times and how about


    Nice work.

    Dennis Krieger
    Middletown, Iowa

  9. Andrew says

    A few more…this is fun!

    Feelin’ the Blues at Montreaux
    Montreaux’s Bluesman, Buddy Guy
    Belting out the Blues at Montreaux
    Feelin’ the Blue Notes at Montreaux
    Buddy’s Blues at the Jazz Festival
    A Humble Guy just playing the Blues

  10. Joe Arkin says

    2nd City Legend,
    Crescent City North,
    Bourbon Street on Wabash,
    Tale of Two Cities: From Crescent City to the Windy City,
    Chicago Voodoo,
    Rampart Street Blues: Sweet Home Chicago

  11. Dave says

    your artwork is simply amazing…another great piece Tom

    Rockin’ in Blues World
    The House that Buddy built
    Legends fall, Blues live forever
    Euphoria Blues
    Stage Presence

  12. says

    If you have ever seen Buddy Guy Live he is amazing, energized and all over the place he plays in the crowd :) he just keeps going and going

    ‘The Energizer Buddy’

  13. says

    Saw your gorgeous work on Kool Breeze’s page and just love it, my suggestion for Buddy Guy is …” When your Souls on Fire, only then you can smell the Funk ” cause Buddy simmers deep within then brings your soul to life .. : ) cheers Red from OZ

  14. Mary Walkowski says

    Hi Uncle Tom, you know I love your work and this one like so many other’s is amazing!! I would call it “The Dawn of Soul” :) Love you

  15. Jeff Aden says

    Damn right Buddy blues!
    Damn right he’s got the blues!
    By the light of the blues.
    Steppin’ in.
    A little Blues-A-Doo.
    Buddy Blues-A-Doo.

    Okay, Tom….these are my shots at the deal.
    Keep up the great work, man.

  16. Jack Dumontier says

    I’d like to thank you for sticking to your art I love it,
    “My Buddy” Is what BB King calls the man in there duo, Cheers

  17. OttawaGreg says

    Hey Tom, I posted this contest on the FB page of our local Blues Radio station, DAWG-FM, hoping to show even more Blues fans your brilliant talent, and give as many true Blues fans a chance to win this wonderful prize. Thank you for this!

  18. says

    – Yet another AWESOME painting Tom. Buddy Guy was one of the first “real” shows my old man took me too and i’ll never forget the magic…’s my attempts.

    (Buddy’s) Soul Explosion
    The Blue Conduit
    Electric Evocation
    The Blue Spirit of Light
    Summoning the Supernatural
    Buddy’s Blue Sacrament
    The Ecstatic Gleaming of a Chicaco Blues man
    Conjuring Bright Magic through Blue Music
    The Possessor Possessing
    The Agent of the Muse’s Blues
    The Muse’s Blues
    Sing-Screaming in the Spotlight
    Buddy Guy’s Cries to Blue Skies
    Shining in Time

    p.s. next painting….ween?!?!

  19. timothy hanson says

    my choice for the “buddy guy” painting is “SOARING”
    i have always loved watching him just close his eyes and
    become part of the song !!!

  20. says

    Wow…what a collection of great names. I wonder what the chances are of Buddy viewing these?
    I’ll be making my pick and announcing it soon! I hope you’ve got some room on a wall for the print!!

  21. Can you feel it? says

    Buddy can transfer the joy and pain of the blues with his guitar and face, while showing a sense of humor. I love the man and his music.

  22. says

    As the …naming… of my painting becomes a reality today, my fine tuning of details continues for another day before the finality of capturing it for the print process.
    I want to thank you again for your creative suggestions along the way, and your support with the advance print orders, which reconfirms your belief in me. I’m truly honored to create this art piece for you, and am grateful for this GuitarBuzz forum to be able to share the process. It has been a great inspiration and I can’t wait for you to recieve your personal prints!!

    The time is near!!!


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