Jeff Beck Honors Les Paul At The 2010 Grammy Awards

I admit, I watched the Grammy’s last night. All 3-1/2 hours of it.

There were many parts that I really enjoyed, many parts that I used for grabbing another beer and many parts that were perfect for bathroom breaks.

But there was one part that was clearly the highlight of the evening for guitar players.

It was when Jeff Beck played a note-for-note rendition of “How High The Moon” on a Les Paul in honor of the man himself. Watch the video – then click through to YouTube and read the comments. People loved the throw-back to the 50’s.

Of course, Jeff was not alone… he was joined on stage by Imelda May who sizzled her way into the hearts of everyone who listened as the next best thing to Mary Ford herself.

I was a beautiful thing to watch. Even more entertaining than Lady Gaga and Pink… at least for us guitar players!

P.S. I’m just not used to seeing Jeff Beck without a Strat…

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