CONTEST: Name This Joe Walsh Painting to WIN A FREE ART PRINT!


Artist Tom Noll has been honing his talent for years in preparation for this masterpiece of the legendary Joe Walsh.

Tom Noll's Sketch of Joe Walsh

Tom Noll’s Sketch of Joe Walsh

Tom says “I am super excited about this project as I’ve followed Joe since his early days. I remember listening to the James Gang back in high school art class, and thinking then, that it would be cool to do a painting of Joe. That was a long time ago…so its well overdue. What a great way to kick off 2014″.

Now, with close to 60 musicians immortalized on canvas, and an international art reputation as the Rock n’ Roll portrait artist, Tom is ready to sink his teeth into this project!

Joe Walsh is a classic American musician who has been a member of three commercially successful bands: the James Gang, Barnstorm, and the Eagles, and holds the number 54 spot in Rolling Stone magazine’s “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. Besides being an incredible talent, Joe has a way of poking fun at himself and life’s situations, and his wit is infectious.

As his popular song portrays, “Ordinary Average Guy”, Joe is genuinely likable and people can relate to him like a good friend who’s there when you need a lift & a smile. This new Joe canvas is coming to life, and Tom is ready to share it with a little creative challenge for you!


“I need a steller name for this painting…something other than just a song title, so I’d like to see your imaginative ideas here on the GuitarBuzz. I’ll pick the name from those submitted, and the person who nails it, will be rewarded with a complimentary limited edition print.

You can follow the painting progress on my website for inspiration by CLICKING HERE.

I’m looking for delivery of prints in late January 2014, so let’s wrap this contest up at midnight Friday, January 17th. I’ll pick a name and announce it Saturday, the next day.

This will be fun…Good Luck!!”


The limited edition (250) print reproductions will be produced with an image area of 27″ x 19″ (48.3 cm x 68.6 cm), and introduced for a short time at $259, plus shipping of $8.95 US and $16.50 International.

To reserve your low numbered print, CONTACT TOM at and he will secure your spot with your email. If you’d like to prepay, he will offer an additional $10 savings with a price of $249. Just let him know, and he’ll send a paypal invoice to your email.

Print Specs: The 27″ x 19″ artprints are super high quality giclees, which utilize fade resistant UV archival inks. They’re produced from the original oil painting, and are rolled and shipped in a rigid tube along with a certificate of authenticity. The prints are perfect for matting and framing, and will be a cool addition to any room.

For a view of other available art prints by Tom, visit his website by CLICKING HERE.


  1. says

    Let me be the first to thank TheGuitarBuzz people for hosting this creative endeavor. I look forward to seeing all your thoughts… Tom

  2. Mick Dougherty says

    I can’t think of just one. My mind races with stuff like this…

    “Slammin’ Jammin’ Joe”
    “Takin’ it to the Limit”
    “My Strat-o-caster does One-eighty-five”
    “In the Fast Lane”
    “Ordinary Average Funk” or maybe “Ordinary Average Joe”
    “But Seriously, Joe…”
    “Rosewood Bitters”

    …probably more to follow.

      • Mick Dougherty says

        Yeah, I just get excited when I see these paintings in the works.
        I have some space on my office walls at work… that’s where Bruce is located.

  3. Debbie Lander says

    I look at this painting, and see the guitar player,and I can actually feel. what he is feeling his art of playing, and think that a fitting picture title should be “Picking Soul Strings”

  4. Brian Krueger says

    “Whiplash Walsh”
    “Wonder Walsh”
    “Jammin’ Joe”
    “Feelin’ Fine”
    “Lost in the Moment”
    “Sonic Big Bend”
    “Mind Bender”

  5. says

    Been hard thinking of a name for the Walsh piece… Been thinking (and listening to) him a lot lately/looking at the painting… And something along the Lines of “Tried & True (Colors)” Giving meaning to the feeling in it..The subject of Joe being much of a blue collar real deal musician that has been his way all these years and made it to where he is.. a second choice being how un-mistakingly he is still, and always is a “Contemporary Classic” fits so well with the way you have depicted him… Really such a great image its hard to put a label on which brings to a third “Undefinable”. Love it.

    • says

      Ryan – Thanks for stopping by the BUZZ… Tom Noll mentioned we may receive a name nomination from you! Great names suggestions! Also enjoying your CD “Redefined”. “So close to Heaven” is my favorite track… Keep Rocking! -GuitarDaddy

  6. Rory Gentry says

    You asked what Joe would call it… Probably something like “I thought I smashed that thing.” I still like “All Night Long” for the title. Joe plays all night long, I can party to his music all night long, and Tom probably painted it all night long.

  7. Tommy Stevenson says

    Hi Tom, I was delighted to have put you in touch with Phil Lynott’s mother recently but I thought it was high time I tried to get hold of one of your great prints myself. So here goes with naming your Joe Walsh painting.

    Out of this lot it has to be “Taking It To The Limit”

    Tommy Stevenson
    Love from Ireland

  8. Michael Di Girlamo says

    The first choice that popped into my head was “Life’s Been Good”. However, since you don’t want a song title I’ll go with “Bending Notes”.

  9. Anthony says

    My two suggestions for the Joe Walsh piece are

    1. “Soaring Eagle” – Playing on the soaring notes from his guitar and his membership in the Eagles.
    2. “Lone Eagle” – One Eagle captured alone in full flight

  10. says

    Tom I love your work. I feel like you capture the essence of the artist you are portraying in your paintings with such beauty. I enjoy seeing all your work you do, and look forward to see what’s to come in the future. Would love nothing more than to hang one of your paintings on my wall.

  11. John Daniels says

    After giving it much thought I feel that I cant think of anything better than Fidler on the loose asthe painting gives the impression of the real person showing his true personallity as one with his guitar.

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